The following is extracted from Joy Mason’s book “CEBBA’S HAM; THE STORY OF CHOBHAM”.

The Wells
Chobham once very nearly became a spa. Here are quotations from C. Macfariane’s notes on Chobham 1853:-

‘There are several strong Chalyheate springs in different parts of Chobham Parish. Two of these springs are near the bottom of the hill on which stood the Old Manor House. [It would appear that for the Old Manor House one should read Chobham Place]. In former times they enjoyed no small celebrity being apparently as much framed as the springs on Banstead Downs. The following inscription was written about 1750 and stuck on a solitary tree which stood near the sources and gave its name to One Tree Hill. In Westerley Green in the Parish of Chobham are famous wells, this mineral water is the same with that of Tunbridge, a famous chalybeate flowing from a iron mine, the furthest well northwards is the strongest spring, which I digged with my own hands. It is much stronger than at Sunninghill, as I have proved by infallible experiments and 1 doubt not in the least, but that the exceeding strength and virtue thereof will in a little time call a great concourse of people to this place, to the relief of the afflicted in general, and the benefit of the neighbourhood in particular, whoever may have occasion may take notice that these waters cure many serious diseases etc. in some of which I have had great relief thereby when other means had long been used in vain.’

Signed John Hill M.D.

The wells mentioned by Macfarlane lie, we believe, just below Round Pond. The field is called Pumphouse Field and is where, for a short time, the waters were sold. The springs or wells at Westerley Green still exist on the common below the house called One Tree Hill, the most northerly one being used by the inhabitants of Sparrow Row for drinking, although not for washing because of the iron in the water. It was beautiful water, an old inhabitant told me.