Home Farm

Home Farm in The Steep at Burrowhill is an interesting medieval house which retains many original features.

It is an unusually wide three-bay timber-framed medieval open hall house dating from before 1500. It has the solar jettied over the open hall. It has a steeply pitched hipped tiled roof that was almost certainly originally thatched.

In the late 16th C the open hall was part floored over and the smoke was confined behind a wattle and daub partition.

Home Farm 1921.JPG (34389 bytes)In the early 17th C a brick chimney was added. Later the house was clad over in brick and a brick two-story wing added at the back.

The photograph shows the house as it appeared in the 1920s.

The house was extensively renovated in the 1980’s; much visible timber was rotten at ground level and was replaced.

The house was surveyed by the Domestic Buildings Research Group in 1984 (report 3065).

Joy Mason compiled the following notes:

Home Farm is a very early large farm house and may well have been built by the Abbot of Chertsey to house what we would now call a land agent, for with the vast tracks of land owned and managed by the Abbey a form of land agent must have existed.

Home Farm lies very near to Ruden, now called Chobham Place.

This is a very ancient site. The farm was large with its four bedrooms and four rooms at ground level.