Chobham mixed school was built in 1872 and enlarged in 1907 for 250 children. The Chobham Infants school (St Lawrence’s) was erected in 1910 for 150 children. A mixed secondary school, the Chobham County Secondary School, was built at the top of Alpha Road in 1958 but after only a few years became a school for children with special needs.

West End infants mixed school was built in 1846, enlarged in 1883 and 1911 for 160 children.

The Valley End infants mixed school was built in 1849 for 110 children.

Flexlands School in the 1940s

Flexlands private school was built before WW2 on the road to Woking and merged with the private school at Valley End in 2004.

Gordons School was built by subscription as the Gordon Boys Home in 1885 as a national memorial to Major General Gordon.