Old Pound Cottage

CHOBHAM, Old Pound Cottage (SU 975 621)

The Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory examined the timbers of this old hall house and reported as below:

Felling dates: Winter 1543/4 and Winter 1547/8

Rafter 1547(17C); Collars (1/3) 1543(26C); Purlins (0/2); Queen strut (0/1); Principal rafter (0/1). Site Master 1446-1543 pcc5 (t=4.9 SENGLAND; 4.8 HLSCROFT; 4.8 HANTS97)

Old Pound Cottage is a three bay hall house, originally with storied ends and a single bay open hall. Only the western bay now retains its original flooring. The whole of the roof is clean except for a short section between the open hall and the easternmost bay where the smoke blackened partition plaster remain in the roof space. This evidence indicates that there was originally a narrow smoke bay/ hood at the end of the open hall and that subsequently a further smoke bay was inserted to serve the end bay (giving back-to-back smoke bays). The insertion of the smoke bay to the end room involved the reflooring of that bay at a slightly higher level. The eventual flooring of the open hall was associated with the insertion of a brick stack in the end-room smoke bay. The roof is of clasped purlin and wind braced construction, half hipped at the ends. Only two timbers from the original structure and its smoke bay dated, to 1543/4 and 1547/8. No results were obtained from the inserted collar of the second smoke bay. (Miles and Worthington 2000, VA 31, list 111)