Old Chobham House

Old Chobham House was sold at auction in 1869 and we think demolished and rebuilt on the same site. The document from which this extract is taken is The Lease of House and Grounds by William Mortimore to Charles Surtees and is dated March 24th 1859.


Leg spring on door

No.1 Attic. Cabin hook and eye, basin table

No.2 Attic. Cabin hook and fastening to window. A rail and three pegs, Bolt on door. A rail and two pins.

No 3 Attic. A rail and five pegs, Cabin hook and eye to window. A basin shelf

Upper Floor

No.I Bedroom (left)

Bell cranks and wires. Fastening to window four shutter knobs. A blind roller. Mahogany window cornice and rod. Outside Venetian shutters Two cloak pins, four finger plates. Lock and key to door

No 2 room, adjoining.

A grate. A mahogany cornice lath and rod, two iron bars two curtain pins, four shutter knobs a blind roller, A chimney board., A return and three other shelves in closet. A rail and five pegs. A basin shelf. Key to closet door. A night bolt. Cranks and wires. Bell cranks and wires, four finger plates lock and key on door.

No.3 bedroom, opposite

Cranks and wires to bell. A grate. Three return shelves and cupboard in closet. A basin bracket, three brass pins, two finger plates, lock and key to closet. Four shutter knobs, fastening to window, outside venetian shutters, Mahogany cornice lath and iron rod, two finger plates, lock and key to door.

No 4 bedroom

Two curtain pins, two finger plates, lock and key to door.

No.5 Small room.

Lock and key to door, finger plate.

No.6 bedroom.

A grate, an ash fender, eight shutter knobs a mahogany cornice lath and rod, outside venetian shutters to one window, bell cranks and wires, two blind rollers, A return and two other shelves in closet, a rail and six pegs, lock and key to door. Three finger plates and lock and key to door, three finger plates and lock and key to door to inner room, a hatch gate.

No,7 bedroom

A blind roller, outside venetian shutters, a rail and pegs in closet, lock and key to door,

No-8 Inner room.

Outside shutters, curtain rod and hooks, a basin shelf, a bell as hung on spring carriage, lock and key to door.

No.9 Passage room

Five shelves in closet, a shelf over, a rail and seven pegs. A lead lined cistern and water supply, a basin shelf, a folding table and iron swing legs, two rails and nine pegs, an open rail cupboard and four shelves, latch on the door.

Water Closet

Apparatus in order, a rail and four pegs,

No. I0 bedroom

A grate, three return shelves and basin shelf in closet, key to door, cloak pin, lock and key to door. Leg spring and bolt on door to back stairs. A venetian blind to staircase window. A painted press enclosing shelves and drawers. Fourteen stair eyes.

Dining Room.

A stove and extra bright bars, a painted roller blind, a roller blind, eight shutter knobs, two bell cranks and wires, four papier mache finger plates.


Six shutter knobs, a grate and extra bars, a bell pull cranks and wires, the range of open book shelves at end and side of room, seven block book dummies, two curtain holders, four mache finger plates, two ditto on door of china closet, lock and key on door, the range of thirty one pigeon holes, one return and six other shelves, two cupboards enclosing three shelves and a small cupboard, box for blinds and two rods.

Drawing Rooms

A stove, two bell cranks and wires, curtain lath extending over both windows with two gilt ends and centre ornament, shutter knobs and finger plates on all the doors, locks and keys on doors. Concealed spring and lock and key on door to garden, a small mahogany bracket, a bell as hung on spring carriage and pull from door, three return shelves and two drawers in china closet, lock and key on door.

Housekeepers Room.

A stove with shifting cheeks and ash fender, a basin table

A range of presses at end of room of four clipboards enclosing shelves, a rail and four pins, bell cranks and wires, lock and key to door, two finger plates on door to hall, lock and key to entrance door.

A knocker on door.

Trellis archway at entrance and eight straining wires on wall.

Four shelves in closet/ A brass candle lantern and shade.

Lock and key to china closet

A range of thirteen shelves and brass hooks.

A dresser and folding table

Cabin hook and eye

Lock and key and two finger plates on door to the offices. Two shelves in knife house.


A tiled shelf on brick arches, panels to two windows, a three panelled meat safe, two other meat safes all were panelled, a long return shelf and four other shelves, three shelves in adjoining larder, a rail and meat hooks.


A stone sink, a tiled sink and wastes, a force pump and brass tap and supply a large brewing copper and brass tap, a copper as set and furnace under a shelf on brackets, a baking oven, a hot plate and furnace and stokers, three shelves on brackets , a hanging shutter, lock and key to door, a bell on spring carriage and pull from door, a scraper at door.


A range with oven, boiler and brass tap and a regulating cistern, a dresser with six drawers shelves and hooks, a smoke jack, a roasting crane, two spit racks a shelf on bracket, a plate shelf, a strong table, two cupboards enclosing shelves four return shelves in closet, a large dial by Douglas, two charcoal stoves set in brick with wood cover, a coffee mill on post, two bells as hung on spring carriages a towel roller and bracket shelf on brackets, five bells as hung on spring carriages, twelve shelves in small cupboard.


A button on door, a small cupboard enclosing shelves, a shelf on bracket, two return shelves in cellar, lock and key to door, three shelves, a cask stand, lock and key to door, the range of brick and stone bins in wine cellar, lock and key to door, a beer stand, look and key to beer cellar.

Out of Doors

A call bell and cover, two rain water tubs, a dog kennel, a bell as hung on spring carriage and pull from gate, dwarf trellis gate to entrance garden,

An iron garden sofa, a painted garden seat, a bee house and two hives, a pair of light hurdle gates to garden, fifty two training wires in front of house, two stone vases on lawn, a garden table, two clothes posts, a pair of garden steps, an iron roller, an old grindstone, two light boxes, with lights, a box no lights, an early frame and canvas covers, two iron frame hand glasses, a five tier stage in greenhouse, two shelves and a seed box on tool house, three large Camellias, two large Myrtles, a large Fuschia. about six hundred plants in pots, thirty Strawberry plants in pots.

Stable and Coach Yards.


Three head chains, a pulley for lantern.

Harness Room.

A grate, a rail and three saddle pegs, a shelf and rod, a long shelf and rod, a rail and six harness pegs and two saddle pegs, a loose hay rack in loft, iron bar and key to stable door.

Loose Box.

A saddle rack.

Cow House

A manger lock and key to store room door, step ladder to small granary, fastenings to doors of pig sties, a cover for ladders, a thirty round ladder, a pump in yard, a wood truck and a water tub and frame, bolts and lock on yard gates.