Medieval Houses

The following is a list of local medieval wood-framed houses still surviving.   The list was compiled by Peter Gray for the Domestic Buildings Research Group (Surrey) 2001.


Hen & Chickens PH SU949 595

Hall house, probably 2 bays with 1 bay open hall. Enclosed in a larger building.

The Old Cottage SU952 598

Hall house, 3 bays, 1 open. Excellent example. Few modern alterations.


Biddles Farmhouse and Detached Kitchen

SU 968 630

Hall house, much restored, possibly 3 bays, 2 open, upper end uncertain

Bourne Brook Cottage

SU 966 619

Hall house, 4 bay 4 unit house, floored bay, galleried hall, bay with chamfered joists, bay with plain joists.  Modern wings.

Fowlers Wells

TQ 972 625  DBRG 1094

Hall house, 3 bay 1 open, but some uncertainty about 1 bay.

Gracious Pond Farm

SU 988 638  DBRG 830

Hall house, 3 bays 1 open of unusual detail and quality.  Major modern additions.

Home Farmhouse

SU 967 633  DBRG 3065

Hall house, 3 bays 1 open, extensive modern additions and restoration.

Shrubbs Farmhouse

SU 964 625  DBRG 900

Hall house, low end and part of open hall of medieval building incorporated into central chimney house.

Stanners Hill Farmhouse

SU 995 631   DBRG 605

Hall house, 2 open bays remain, fine cross wing (3 bays), replace upper bay.

26/32 High St

SU 974 617  Chancellors

Hall house, 4 bays 1 open perhaps adapted as town building, cross wing beyond may be contemporary.

59-61 High St

SU 973 618

Hall house, 3 bays 1 open, both end bays divided suggesting possible ‘shop’ use in town.

Old Pound Cottage

SU 976 622 Chertsey Rd

Hall house, 3 bays 1 open but with evidence of original framed smoke flue.  Some additions.  Dendro dated 1540


SU 973 618  High St, was White Hart Inn

Shops; 2 bay floored structure, possible as shops, encased in extensive later brick additions.

West End

89 Guildford Rd (Fellow Green House/Felton) SU 950 607

Hall house, 2 bays 1 open, undercroft partitioned off, brick facade

124 Guildford Rd (Fellow Green Cottage/White House) SU 948 605

Hall house, 3 bays, 1 open. Minor later extensions.

Brooklands Farmhouse SU941 620

Hall house, cross wing to former medieval range (rebuilt C17)

Fellow Green House, Willow Green SU 950 606

Hall house, 4 bays, 2 open, early features include evidence of undercrofts both ends. Probably earliest hall house in district. Inserted floor and smoke bay dendro dated to 1555/6

Hookstone Farmhouse SU 946 618

Hall house, 2 bay, cross wing of some quality and crown post roof. Perhaps imported from elsewhere as wing to smoke bay house.

Maltmans SU 956 617

Hall house, floored bay and part of open hall remains, later extensions.


Kenworthy/Nursery Cottage SU 931 634

Hall house. Fine cross wing, 3 bays with fine 2 bay rooms with oriels on both floors; presumed associated with demolished hall house.

Lee Lane Farmhouse SU 933 624

Hall house; substantial 2 bay cross wing with smoke bay to former hall house. Encased in C19th double pile house.

Walnut Tree Farmhouse SU 929 641

Hall house, 2 bays, 1 open but internal jetty suggests house was bigger. Various extensions.


55-7 High St, formerly The Bell SU912 634

Galleried inn, 5 bays jettied with galleried access at rear.  Central carriage entrance. Extensive framing exposed internally.

44 High St. formerly Red Lion SU 912 633

Galleried inn, 16th C, central carriage entrance, abutting truss to early aisled building. Important wall paintings.