In the garden of Frogshole, The Steep, Chobham, is a small old cottage that, to our knowledge, is the last original poor labourers cottage in Chobham. It is largely unspoilt, but now uninhabitable. It represents an important episode in Chobham’s social history.

The cottage appears to have been constructed as a squat on the roadside verge between 1780 and 1830 – during a period of great hardship in Chobham. It is similar to several others built near the boundary of Chobham Common at that time.

The cottage survived in a corner of the land owned by the Haxworth family. Bill Haxworth, one of the co-founders of the Chobham Society, greatly valued the cottage and the social history that it represented. Thanks to Bill’s foresight the cottage survived almost unaltered whilst other similar cottages were either demolished or altered beyond recognition. Unfortunately Bill died just a few months before the cottage was properly recognised and awarded Listed Grade 2 status.

The cottage represents an important part of Chobham’s lost social history and should be preserved.

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