Fellow Green House

WEST END, Fellow Green House (SU 950 606): Inserted floor to hall

The Oxford Dendrochronology Laboratory examined the timbers of this old hall house and reported as below:

Felling dates: Winter 1555/6

Joists 1555(15C, 22C), 1536(h/s), 1524(h/s), 1479; Transverse beam (0/1). Site Master 1419-1555 FLWSGRN1 (t=5.9 KILBEES1; 5.8 BCT1; 5.3 WC_KITCH)

Fellow Green House, (not another building of the same name in Guildford Road close by), is a large four bay hall house with two-bay open hall, internal jetty, crown post roof and various features (square scantling braces, low ground floor ceilings in the floored bays – so-called undercrofts) suggesting an early date. Four samples from the primary phase failed to date due to the timber being too fast-grown. A framed smoke bay (and associated flooring of the open hall) was inserted at the upper end; the smoke bay backed onto a new cross passage which involved removing the internal jetty. This work was constructed out of timber felled in 1555/6. (Miles and Worthington 2000, VA 31, list 111)