There were two plays staged in London which used the Camp as their theme.

Adelphi Theatre – The 1852-1853 Season (by Alicia Kae Koger)

Mark Lemon’s contributions to the season’s success were substantial. His farce, The Camp at Chobham, received little comment from the critics but ran for an impressive eighty-seven performances. The only reference to the play in the press appeared near the end of a longer review of Sardanapalus (another Lemon effort) in which the critic noted, “we suspect the audience were not sorry to pass from the Assyrian pleasantry to Mr. Mark Lemon’s excellent little farce of The Camp at Chobham, in which the author displays real humour and the actors have an opportunity for real acting” (Times, July 21, 1853).
The Royal City of London Theatre Productions, 1851-1868.

1853, 7/30 F. Hazlewood, Colin H. Going to Chobham; or, The Petticoat Capitains. (N.)